Organized by Varador 2000 and the Food and Nutrition Campus (University of Barcelona) with the collaboration of Gastrocultura Mediterránea

Josep Boatella

Director of the Food and Nutrition Campus, University of Barcelona

The mission of the Food and Nutrition Campus sponsored by the University of Barcelona is to provide society with knowledge in key business sectors within the field of food and gastronomy through specialist University courses.

The course Cooking and Gastronomy for Superyachts, sponsored by varador2OOO shipyard & mataro marina barcelona, which is being presented now, aims to contribute this crosscutting expertise to the craft of culinary art and gastronomy performed habitually on yachts. Through its cross-disciplinary vision and international outreach this course offers training to the professionals in charge of providing food and drink on yachts. Using theory and specially practical instruction, the course presents extensive training in products with suppliers from diverse areas, preparation processes, preservation and regeneration of food products, nutritional aspects with knowledge of intolerance and allergy issues, food safety as a fundamental element within the cooking structure to be organised on these boats, while also including the preparation and knowledge of drink. Another important chapter is gastronomic variety with an in-depth look at contrasting cultures around the world.

The course covers an unmet training need that the Food and Nutrition Campus of the University of Barcelona seeks to fill with a view to improving professional competences.


Xiqui Mas Borrell

Chairman and president of Varador 2OOO shipyard & Mataro Marina Barcelona

We are pleased to present an exclusive and pioneering course within the world of superyachts that will add value to your training and expertise in haute cuisine.

varador2OOO shipyard & mataro marina barcelona is a marine company with a consistent commitment to high quality training and that recognises gastronomy and chefs as vital and exceptional elements on board superyachts.

Thank you for the trust and confidence you have placed in us.

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Barcelona, 15 to 20 October 2018

Limited places 30 students

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